This fantastic and innovative extension plugin gives you full control over the WordPress Newsletter plugin on your WordPress multisite network installation from a centralized panel.

You can control the Newsletter plugin for each blog/site of your WordPress multisite network by activating/deactivating, submitting serial keys and also assigning limits according to your needs. You can specify limits on total subscribers, total mailing lists and even total emails that may be sent in a certain period of time.

In addition to controlling the Newsletter plugin for each blog/site individually, you can submit a global serial key from an unlimited domains license which will then automatically activate the serial key on all blogs/sites on the network without having to submit it on each one.

This is the perfect tool for any webmaster! Also by far the best WordPress multisite newsletter plugin on the market considering the power of this extension added to it.

For installation, activation and usage instructions, please read the Total MS Control online documentation.

Features of this WordPress Newsletter Plugin Extension

  • manage-blogssites

    Manage Blogs/Sites

    Manage the Newsletter plugin on all blogs/sites on the WordPress multi-site network.

  • blogsite-settings

    Blog/Site Settings

    Set the serial key, subscriber limit, mailing list limit and email sending limit per time period/interval for each blog/site individually.

  • limit-notifications

    Limit Notifications

    The administrator of each individual blog/site will be notified when a limit on subscribers, mailing lists or email sending is reached.