s2Member plugin is an extremely robust and flexible membership plugin for WordPress with all the features and abilities you can possibly think of.

Our Newsletter plugin has been fully integrated into s2Member plugin using this s2Member Subscribers extension plugin to do the work for you. It works with both s2Member and s2Member Pro plugins.

This extension will capture email/newsletter subscribers from your s2Member plugin registration forms into the Newsletter plugin so that you can then send them bulk emails through WordPress at a later stage.

s2Member Subscribers extension plugin has flexible configuration settings. You can assign/map s2Member plugin registration fields to Newsletter plugin custom fields. In addition to that, your users/members can choose which list(s) to subscribe to or you can predefine list(s) for users to be subscribed to based on their membership level.

With a powerful membership system and an equally powerful bulk email/newsletter system you have covered some very important areas of internet marketing and collaboration already. Go ahead and try it out!

See the online documentation for installation and setup instructions.

Features of this WordPress Newsletter Plugin Extension

  • manage-extension

    Manage Extension

    Install this as an extension plugin to the Newsletter plugin which can be easily turned on or off according to your needs. It is small and runs very fast!

  • enable-integration

    Enable Integration

    Turn on or off the s2Member plugin and Newsletter plugin integration from inside s2Member plugin and map your registration fields to Newsletter plugin custom fields.

  • subscription-mode

    Subscription Mode

    Either let your users/members choose the list(s) they want to subscribe to or choose predefined list(s) per member level so that users are automatically subscribed per your instructions.