Selling online with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is wonderful. It works well and it let's you sell what you want to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while you sit back and see the sales coming in.

You are probably putting much work into your shop, products and all related factors and you may feel that your sales can increase even more. Now they can! You can let your customers do that for you!

With the Product Reviews extension plugin for the Shopping Cart plugin, customers can submit reviews on individual products with their details, a rating and comments. Potential customers can also read the current reviews on products which should give them useful information on the usage, quality and overall judgement of each product before buying.

The extension has it's own product reviews system built into it which can be used out of the box by simply activating the extension.

Yotpo Integration

In addition to that, we have integrated the 3rd party Yotpo social reviews system for you to optionally use if you'd like. Simply fill in your Yotpo API key and secret provided in your account and you're set to go!

See the online documentation for installation and usage instructions.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • easy-configuration

    Easy Configuration

    Easily configure the product reviews by turning it on and choosing your integration. You can start receiving reviews on your products within a few minutes.

  • manage-reviews

    Manage Reviews

    You have full control over all product reviews. You can approve submitted reviews in order for them to be published in your shop, on the products.

  • customer-interaction

    Customer Interaction

    Customers can interact with your shop. They can read all current reviews on each product and submit their own review with a rating which can then be published.