The Zoom Gallery image magnifier is an image zoom and gallery feature which will drastically improve the way you display your product images with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

With a very small file size, the image zoom library is guaranteed to load quickly and it is built on top of jQuery which makes it easy to modify, if needed, and of course has the pure JavaScript power of jQuery at its fingertips.

Each product has a main product image and possibly some extra/additional product images. The main product image will be a canvas on which the customer can move the mouse cursor to display a larger variation next to it, zooming into the image. The extra/additional product images create a gallery, all loading into the main canvas as they are clicked.

Read the Zoom Gallery documentation for instructions.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • magnify-product-images

    Magnify Product Images

    Hover and move the cursor to zoom and pan product images with a magnification zoom window. Great way to display products!

  • build-image-galleries

    Build Image Galleries

    For each product, you can build an image gallery with a main image and extra/additional product images to display/showcase your products properly.

  • flexible-configuration

    Flexible Configuration

    Zoom Gallery configuration settings give you the flexiblity to display the magnification exactly the way you need to.