Newsletter-Digital Access Pass is an extension plugin for the WordPress Newsletter plugin and 3rd party for DAP.

Newsletter-Digital Access Pass capture details for your Newsletter Plugin from the Digital Access Pass platform.

It gives you complete control over products in DAP and capture subscribers in a certain mailing list per product. You can configure each custom field in the notification email which you want to capture to the subscriber.

In order to use this Digital Access Pass extension, you will need the WordPress Newsletter Plugin and DAP.

View documentation on DAP for installation, activation and usage.

Features of this WordPress Newsletter Plugin Extension

  • extension-plugin

    Extension Plugin

    Install Digital Access Pass as an extension plugin to capture subscribers from DAP.

  • enable-integration

    Enable Integration

    Enable or disable the integration with DAP in order to use it with your Newsletter plugin.

  • mailing-list-settings

    Mailing List Settings

    Select whether each subscriber should receive an activation or confirmation email or not.