Important: qTranslate-X has been closed and is no longer supported. As such, this plugin is now free in case you use qTranslate-X or any variant of it (such as qTranslate-XT).

Increase your sales on WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin from International shoppers with a multilingual ecommerce storefront solution.

Use this extension to fully translate your WordPress Shopping Cart in multiple languages. It works with qTranslate-X. If you previously used qTranslate, mqTranslate or another variation, qTranslate-X allows for easy migration and backward compatibility.

Shoppers have the option to change their ecommerce language so they may shop online and complete the checkout in their preferred native language.

See the qTranslate-X documentation for installation, activation and setup instructions.


Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • extension-plugin

    Extension Plugin

    Install (m)qTranslate as an extension plugin in addition to the core Shopping Cart plugin to add the multilingual functionality.

  • easy-configuration

    Easy Configuration

    Quick and easy configuration to add different languages for each product, category, suppliers etc.

  • multilingual-product

    Multilingual Product

    Shoppers can choose and shop in their preferred language.