This Barclaycard ePDQ PSPID extension plugin is the successor of the ePDQ CPI extension plugin since those accounts have been discontinued and Barclays Bank is issuing the new PSPID accounts to merchants.

You can sell any type of products (digital or tangible) online on your WordPress website using our Tribulant WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and this extension plugin with your Barclaycard ePDQ PSPID account.

It is quick and easy to setup and to start selling. See the online documentation for detailed instructions on how to use this extension.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • manage-extension

    Manage Extension

    This is a small extension plugin installed additionally to add the Barclaycard ePDQ PSPID functionality to your shop

  • quick-setup

    Quick Setup

    It takes only a moment to fill in your Barclaycard ePDQ PSPID settings into the plugin in order to connect to your gateway account correctly.

  • secure-payment-page

    Secure Payment Page

    Barclaycard will host the secure payment page for you so you don't need SSL to keep your customers safe and protected.