The send to friend or also known as refer/tell a friend extension will help you to drastically increase your subscribers database in the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

You can place a [newsletters_sendtofriend] shortcode in your newsletter content or template being used which will output a "Send to Friend" link accordingly. Your subscribers can then click the link to go directly to the "Send to Friend" section to fill in the names and email addresses of their friends, colleagues, family members, etc. to invite/refer them. Each friend then gets a confirmation email to confirm/accept the invitation or decline/unsubscribe from it as they wish to.

The purpose of the extension is to expand your subscribers base and make the process of doing just that very quick and easy for your subscribers to use without any hassle at all. Your subscribers will actually enjoy using this!

Configuration of this extension plugin is extremely flexible. You can set the link text, the values to be used for the subscribers and the referrals, the template to use for the invitation messages, the actual invitation message template, the lists to subscribe to and much, much more.

See the online documentation for installation, configuration and usage instructions.

Features of this WordPress Newsletter Plugin Extension

  • flexible-configuration

    Flexible Configuration

    Configure values for the subscribers and friends, set the template for invitation messages, configure the message template and much, much more.

  • invitation-message

    Invitation Message

    When your subscribers refer friends, they receive a beautiful and user-friendly invitational message to either confirm/accept or decline/unsubscribe.

  • referral-interface

    Referral Interface

    Your subscribers will actually enjoy referring their friends, colleagues, family, etc. using this amazing send to friend interface.

Video of the Send to Friend extension