Special Dates Autoresponder allows you the create a newsletter or use an existing newsletter and schedule it to be sent to subscribers on a certain condition for a custom field. Note that custom fields can only be created if you have the paid version of our Newsletter plugin.

You can manage the autoresponders per mailing list and have as many autoresponders set up as you need or want. You just need to specify how many days/months before or after the custom field value you need the autoresponder to send out.

You can use this Special Dates Autoresponder to send out reminders for certain dates or a congratulations message for a special date etc.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Send birthday or anniversary wishes to a subscriber on the date
  • Notify other subscribers when it is someone's birthday or anniversary
  • Remind subscribers about a specific, upcoming date
  • and much more...

View the Special Dates Autoresponder documentation for installation, configuration and usage instructions.

Features of this WordPress Newsletter Plugin Extension

  • manage-extension

    Manage Extension

    Install Newsletters - Special Dates Autoresponder as an extension plugin to send out Autoresponders on custom field values.

  • add-custom-field

    Add Custom Field

    Add a custom field to be used with the Autoresponder Special Dates extension. eg. Birthday

  • setup-an-autoresponder-

    Setup an Autoresponder

    Setup a special date autoresponder while creating your autoresponder.

Video of the Special Dates Autoresponder extension