iPay88 payment gateway gives you the power to accept credit cards and debit cards in your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with low fees and great usability.

The iPay88 payment gateway will send your customers away from your WordPress to a secure, hosted payment page where they can make a payment. Once a customer has finished the payment procedure, iPay88 will communicate back with this extension plugin and update the order.

You can easily apply online for an iPay88 merchant services account, fill the iPay88 account details into the plugin settings and start selling immediately.

View the online documentation for installation and configuration details.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • flexible-configuration

    Flexible Configuration

    You can fill in your desired title/caption for iPay88 to show to your customers as well as your iPay88 Merchant Code, Payment ID and Merchant Key as provided to you by iPay88.

  • manage-extension

    Manage Extension

    iPay88 payment gateway is an extension plugin which you can manage under Checkout > Extension as needed. It will also show up under Plugins in WordPress.

  • secure-payment-page

    Secure Payment Page

    Your customers are sent to the secure, iPay88 payment page where they will make a payment and then afterwards return to your site with the results, likely a "Thank You" page as a confirmation.