How to add an "active/inactive" button to slides?

Is it possible to get an "active/inactive" button added to slides in the slideshow? Basically, it'd be great to add slides but have them in the slideshow but not necessarily display on the live site. This way, if I post a bunch of slides, someone else can turn them on or off without deleting them. I'd do it, but I'm an idiot with Javascript and haven't tried to figure out a PHP solution (which I'm not quite an idiot...but close).


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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your query. We thought your suggestion was a good idea, so we added it to our development list. In the meantime you can do this without having to resort to surgery, by editing a slide and unlinking it from any gallery(ies) it's linked to:

    I hope this helps, Michael?

    Please let us know, I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

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