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I'm trying to put a new product on the site as a holiday special and I get an error every time. it says "Image could not be moved"
I've tried all different file types and sizes of images and it just doesn't want to add the photo. 
What am I doing wrong?
Also on a similar note I can't add extra images to any products since the last update. 
I go to add another image as I did before it and save it like usual and the new images never show up. 


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    Hi lemonhead,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    If you Google this error "Image could not be moved" it means it's a hosting problem. The move_uploaded_file() PHP function is not functioning properly, maybe an upload_tmp_dir is not defined.

    Best would be to show that error to your web host, since it comes directly from the PHP file handler.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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    Hi Phil, 

    I called the host and they said it is a coding problem. They would have fixed it for me but they said that if the problem is a move_upload file string to a php.ini file that it needs a file name and destination and they don't know where that is supposed to point to. 

    I sent in a ticket about this a couple of days ago with FTP info - could you guys possibly fix it for me? The host says this is outside the scope of what they normally do and I don't have a webmaster. 

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    Thanks for the reply lemonhead!

    Could you give me the number of the ticket? I have a feeling it might already have been replied to. I'd just like to check up on that for you.

    Kind regards,

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