Only product page - Remove individual products page possible?

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Is it possible to remove the link to the individual product post or page so that the user/buyer is only able to see the Products Page and not the actual individual products? I will only be selling a few items so having individual products seems silly - and they look horrible as individual pages.

My store is at: if that helps.



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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Since we've answered this issue in a support ticket, I'll paste the info here as well for the benefit of the community:

    Unfortunately there is currently not a setting for that. It is on our
    development list for a near-future release, but in the meantime you
    would have to edit the file /wp-checkout/views/*your theme
    name*/products/loop.php in order to do that (*your theme name* -
    "default" or "simpleblue", depending on the active theme of your

    This is the code you would edit, if you feel comfortable with doing so:

    Keep a backup of your edits though, since it would be overwritten if the plugin is updated.

    You also need to set the setting "Link Thumbnail To" under Checkout >
    Configuration > Products & Images > Products Loop/Paging' to
    "Larger/Original Image":

    Please feel free to give us a shout should you have any further questions or support requests, Chris.

    Kind regards,

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