[SOLVED] reorder shop front page and admin products page A-Z default order

how to reorder these two pages?  

I see the dropdown that a visitor can select, but I want the default order to be A-Z

same on admin

If the answer is to change the main default query string somewhere in the php files, can you tell me which two files?  I understand the concept of creating the file folder structure within the theme file to supercede your default file, but want to know which files without having to dig through everything.

or ... any other answer that works ... thanks!


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    Thank you for your post.

    You can reorder products by going to Checkout > Products section in the Shopping Cart plugin and then click the "Order Products" button where you can choose the order accordingly.

    It can be either random, in a specific order (field/direction) or you can manually drag/drop products in the order that you want them to display in your shop.

    For the admin area Checkout > Products, the order is just by date/descending by default. You can sort the columns there as needed by clicking on the column to sort the products by.

    Let me know if this helps please.
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