[Solved] Incorrect redirect after successful order

WP v3.4.2
Checkout v.
Payment processor - First Data Connect 2.0

Upon a successful order (order appears in the Orders section as completed/paid), Checkout redirects to the first step of an empty shopping cart (wpcomethod=billing) instead of the Finished step.  As a result, no order details are displayed.

Any hints on tracking this down as to why it's not behaving as expected?  Upon a failed order, I correctly get sent to the Finished step and see that the order failed.


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    Thank you for your post.

    It could be that you configured the billing URL as the successful order URL inside the First Data account and that you set the return/completed URL as the failed URL in the First Data account. Maybe you swapped them around? Can you check?

    Also, please see the documentation here: http://docs.tribulant.com/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin/1003

    Let me know if you manage with it please!
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    edited December 2012
    It was the FirstData URL, but the URLs were correct.  However, it seems FirstData ignores any HTTPS URL you specify (which contradicts its own documentation) and uses the HTTP version only.  And since the target confirmation page was set to redirect to HTTPS, it turned out Checkout was correctly processing the order via the HTTP post, but then Wordpress was redirecting the user to the HTTPS version of the page and the empty payload caused the behavior I was seeing.
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    Thank you for your response.

    The plugin sends the URLs through to First Data as well.
    So if you have SSL (https://) in WordPress or the plugin, that should work.

    We have a One Click SSL extension plugin to help you run the checkout procedure on SSL.
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