Newsletter plugin as an 'Association Membership' management tool?

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I am working on a website for an Association. It is an Association that has members, who pay a yearly subscription and in return get sent newsletters and information, and the members can attend events etc. Currently, members sign up by manually filling out a form and send it with a €20 checque by post, when their years subscription is up, somebody sends them a reminder to renew their subscription.

I've been looking at some membership management tools to do this, but a lot of them seem to be overkill for what I want. I want users to be able to enter their info and then pay via paypal for a years membership/subscription.Then, when the year is up I would like them to be reminded to re-susbscribe by paying via Paypal.

From what I can see, the Newsletter plugin could be a suitable alternative to the membership tools that are out there. I'm wondering what people think, could the Newsletter plugin  function as a type of membership management solution? 

Can people sign up for one year online?
Is the renewal request fully automated, or, if not,  does the plugin let the page admin know whose subscription is coming to an end.
Can subscribers details be exported to an excel file and also imported from an excel file?
Can the subscribers details be clearly visible via the wordpress admin panel?

Any thoughts you might have on this would be appreciated.



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    Hello Phil,

    Thank you for getting in contact with us.

    We are really sorry about the delay on getting back to you.

    Yes, with our Newsletter Plugin you will be able to have your users subscribing for an anual membership, once they are subscribed they will be automatically billed every year, they can cancel the recurring billing automatically through their PayPal accounts. PayPal will send you a notification whenever a customer has cancelled his recurring payment and you will have control over all the other as well under your PayPal Merchant Account.

    You can easily import and export the subscribers using a .CSV file (which can be generated using Excel).

    The subscribers details are kept under the plugin database and can be accessed through the Newsletter Plugin Dashboard.

    You can find a demo website that demonstrates all these features and more here: 

    Login: demo
    Password: demo

    Let us know if it helps ok?

    All the best!
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