[SOLVED] Slideshow does not load images in Worpdress theme

edited September 2012 in Slideshow Gallery plugin
Hello, I have installed Slideshow Gallery on my wordpress website at: http://villasavana.com/web

The plugin works great when placed on a page but I can only get the spinning wheel when I place the theme code into a theme template.

The upper spinning wheel is from the theme template and the lower image is from placing the link on the page.  In the theme code, I have tried both:

<?php if (function_exists('slideshow')) { slideshow($output = true, $gallery_id = "1", $post_id = false, $params = array()); } ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[slideshow gallery_id="1"]'); ?>

Both bring up the spinning wheel.  If I change the gallery_id to a value that I know is incorrect, then the slideshow does not load at all, so I think that maybe it can't find the images.  My wordpress sight is installed in a subfolder, so I modifed the helpers/html.php file to work with subfolders per a post I found at: 
but this didn't make an difference.
I m using worpdress version 3.3.2.



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