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I have a unique use case. I am trying to maintain a repository of lists from within the main blog and then allow each sub blog to maintain a single list for that particular blog. Sub blogs will then be able to email their subscribers and subscribers interested in the sub blogs topics registered from the main blog. 

How do I go about configuring the plugin for this use? I understand the capabilities may not be there, and I am willing to do some of my own code to make this work. What is the best way for me to install the plugin for this use?

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    Thank you for your message, Jesse.

    The plugin works on WordPress multisite by default.
    You can install it and network activate or just activate on each blog individually.
    Each blog/site on the network will have it's own database tables for the Newsletter plugin.

    It is not currently possible to control the network's sites/blogs lists and subscribers from the main blog though. We are currently working on an extension plugin to control certain things from the network admin though.

    Let me know if this helps.
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    I know for certain I want to allow sub blogs to have access to mailing lists from main blog, create a newsletter (saved and sent from sub blog), maybe create and/or use themes, and maintain a single mail list. Our site is a social network for musicians and we are micromanaging their blogs, trying to keep things as simple as possible for their use. So this all makes sense for the scope of our site and will make using the newsletter much simpler for our members.

    Will the extension you are working on cover any of the items I have listed? Maybe it will be easier for me to expand on the extension you are developing? Is it something that is in beta phase and something you could possibly share with me to help me get things moving along and being using this plugin on my site? I am a developer and wouldnt mind a half completed piece of code as anything is more then I have now.

    Do you have any pointers or documentation that will help me get things started for my extension?

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    My previous thoughts where to write a mu-plugin to control the newsletter plugin from a single installation in the main blog. I have been trying to initialize the plugin and create admin pages with the features I want and its just taking way more effort then I feel it should. I am now starting to think it would be easier to activate the plugin at the network layer and create a mu-plugin which will configure the plugins defaults parameters which I designate and hide most of the menus.

    I would then use the mu-plugin to share a couple global mailinglists from the main blog which can be used depending on the members membership level. Does this sound like a better approach and is this how the extension you mentioned is going to work?

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    So I have decided the best way to handle this is to network activate the plugin and then limit the availability/visibility of the plugin based on my members membership level. All sub blogs will be configured the same and Im looking for a way to load the configuration. Which do you feel is the better method to load defaults configs for the plugin within each sub blog existing and new, an mu-plugin or an extension?
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