Vertically centering the info bar beside a slideshow

Thanks for creating a wonderful plugin!!!

Im trying to push the limits by moving the information bar so it is to the left of the slideshow images. That works well but because the information bar is positioned absolutely, the text will always start at the same position. I would like to be check what the height of the #information div is and then using jquery to change the value of "top" for the div. Then the info bars for all images will be centered vertically.

Here is an example of how far Ive gotten with the slideshow
The info bar for the slide with 5 lines of text is roughly vertically centered. The info bar for the slide with 1 line of text is not.

One other thing - how can I get the text AND the image to fade in and fade out in sync with each other. Right now the image fades in, previous text fades out then new text fades in. I figured the speeds could be controlled from the Configuration page but I wasnt able to get it figured out.

Thanks again!
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