Acknowledgement Message not appearing

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I have the newsletter widget on my sidebar, site online
When a new subscriber submits their details and press subscribe, the Acknowledgement Message:thank you for subscribing does not appear.
The subscription action itself works fine, user receives email confirmation and admin receives email, so from that end it's fine.
No doubt there is something I have un ticked in the general configuration but have set configurations to the same as another site that uses the plugin -, however sarhwebb uses a form and uses a widget as it fits in better with the design.


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    I also have a form on this page
    and the acknowledgement message is not working
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    ok so i have been doing a bit more work on this, and I can get the the Acknowledgement Message:thank you for subscribing to appear upon user form fill

    However I do not want the manage subscriptions page to appear
    as it's too complicated

    So when I change the default to YES in subscriber behavior configuration,

    Redirect On Success Subscribe

    Should a subscriber be redirected after successfully subscribing?

    the manage-subscriptions-2 doesn't appear BUT the the Acknowledgement Message also doesn't appear.

    so what do to configure to have just the the Acknowledgement Message appear when the user subscribes, there is no need for a back end user manage subscription as it will confuse my users.

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    I have worked out the problem.
    Changed "Custom Activate Redirect" to YES and it now does what I require.
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    Hi lisaharan,

    Thank you for your support request.

    I visited your site and subscribed with two different email addresses - once via the widget and once via the form on the page.

    Subscribing via the widget I did get the "Thank you for subscribing" acknowledgment message, but the entire site looks really funky at this point, as you can see in this video:

    I would have to look at your setup to see what on earth is going on there.

    Subscribing via the form on the page everything looks great, as you can see in this screenshot:

    Clicking on the "confirm subscription" link in the email I got the success message and was redirected to your site's front page.

    So all in all, except for the funky page after the widget subscribe, it looks good and I wasn't presented with the Manage Subscriptions page or link.

    I hope this helps?

    Please let us know if you need any further support.

    Kind regards,

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