Displaying negative product variation options

I'm using the cart plug in to sell tickets for a friends drama group. They have two prices "Child (£8)" and "Adult (£12)". I have set the "variation options" title to those, with the ticket costing £12, and the child variation as "-4"

This works fine, but it is confusing for people to see "Ticket Type Child (£8) (-£4.00)" in the cart and other places.

Before I start changing the templates to remove the instances where the "negative" prices are shown, is there a better way to do this? I thought of setting the ticket price to zero with the options as 8 and 12, but then there would be zero prices shown (I assume) which would be equally confusing!

Suggestions welcome before I start hacking away :)



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    Hi Richard

    What I can suggest is to make the product price £0 and set the variation option prices. Make one of the variation options the default option. It will show that amount as default and not £0, if needed they can choose the non default variation option and that price will apply. Set variation calculation on original product price.

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