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Hello, is there something up with the support these days? There has been no live chat and its taking a while to get any answers from support!

Is anybody running wordpress on a Zeus server? If so have you been able to enable pretty permalinks? 

I am using Realex as a payment gateway but cant connect back to my website after a transaction has been paid for. It may be something to do with pretty permalinks not being enabled


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    Thank you for your post.

    The support is okay and it's online.
    We do have some spikes in support sometimes so then it might take a bit longer.

    The live support is online from 9am to 5pm GMT+2
    It is not available for technical issues anyways, we'll ask you to open a ticket.

    Regarding Realex...
    Do you have "pretty" permalinks enabled under Settings > Permalinks in WordPress?
    Also, did you confirm that the return URL is correct with Realex?
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