Resizing Uploaded Images

I'm looking for a way to resize images uploaded to the shopping cart. I tried Imsanity but it couldn't find any images to resize. Not sure why it wasn't checking uploads/wp-checkout/images

One of my clients has +500 images and while most are under 1MB there's about 100 of them that are 1-5MB each, which adds up to over 200MB.

Any suggestions for a plugin that would resize the images upon upload for my client? They don't understand resizing before uploading to the website.


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    Can you change the image sizes in the settings, media? It would still upload the large size to the server but the one they are able to attach to the posts would be the size of what you designate in the media settings.

    Also, if they are under 1mb you can use smush it to reduce the size to be more efficient.

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    Thank you for your post.

    Best would be to probably not use a plugin but rather use software on the computer to resize the images on the computer before uploading to WordPress. For example, Photoshop has a built in images script to do this in bulk. Not everyone has Photoshop but I'm sure there are some alternatives to this. Maybe something like this:

    Thank you for your input on this, greatly appreciated
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