Gallery dimensions on window resize

When my page loads, the gallery is displayed correctly. However, when I resize my browser window, the gallery loses its dimension (the height collapses).

- I use Slideshow Gallery v1.4.4.3 and Wordpress 3.9.1

I can't provide a URL because the application is running on a local machine.

Any ideas on how to fix this or which settings I have to check?


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    Hi Robbie

    Do you have the setting set for the slideshow layout to be responsive under Slideshow> Configuration? There is also a setting for Responsive height in %, if you chose a responsive height in px it will be a fixed height.
    If the slideshow is set with this setting it's suppose to resize correct on smaller screens or when you resize the window? 

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    I believe you had a ticket for this in our helpdesk.

    Has the problem been resolved fully and is it working fine now?
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