[SOLVED] Continue shopping button redirecting to homepage

Can somebody help me with this? Support is dancing around all other questions but the most important one, to make the cart work....

When my cart is empty, the page redirects to the homepage. It makes it look broken. Also, the "continue shopping button" in the cart does the same thing as well as the "go to shop" in the my account page.

It seems that the string that should grab which page my shop is located on in the general settings, is not recognizing the page. If I inspect the element, it looks like the link target is the homepage.
I'm not a php programmer so I'm not sure where to fix it but it seems, if the string gets fixed in the general settings, it would take care of the links.

Does anybody have an idea on how to fix it?



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    edited July 2014

    Thank you, the continue shopping link on the shopping cart redirects to your shop url. Please go and change your shop url under Checkout> Configuration to your shop url and the continue shopping link will redirect to your shop page.

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    I am having this same issue. However, I have checked and the URL on the config page is set to the shopping cart page, but when clicking on an empty shopping cart page it redirects to the homepage rather than the shop page.

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