Not receiving confirmation emails

I've seen this problem before.  After a purchase, no email are sent to the customer or merchant.  Sometimes they come through a day later or not at all.

Under the orders menu, it show that the order is completed but not paid.  This is not true.

I see that there is a button to resend the invoice to the customer. I tried this and it did not push it through either.

Any ideas?


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    There could be several reasons for the order email not going through.

    The most common problem is that the order isn't updated in the plugin from the gateway. So either the gateway's IPN isn't sending back to the site or the customer isn't returning to the site to update the order in the Shopping Cart plugin.

    Like you say, the orders are showing that they are not paid. So the order isn't updated as paid.

    Which payment method/gateway are you using in the plugin with this problem?
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    Ok, first thing, please check the PayPal Standard documentation to ensure that all your settings are correct:

    I recommend that you turn on the PayPal IPN under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > PayPal (Standard) since the Regular POST will only update orders if the customer manually returns from PayPal back to your site. With the IPN, PayPal sends a notification to the server as the customer makes the payment, ensuring that the order is always updated, even if the customer doesn't return back to your site.

    If the issue still persists, you can turn on debugging under Checkout > Configuration on the right-hand side. Then do a test order or wait for another PayPal order and access to see the log file. Change "" to your WordPress home URL.

    Let me know if this helps and if you manage to resolve the problem.
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    No luck.  At the end of the log file, I get "Order cannot be read".  ????
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    That's odd, sorry to hear that you couldn't get it working.

    Can you please submit a ticket with a link and WordPress login details?
    You can do that here: ;
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    Submitted a ticket.
    Not clear if you're looking for a an admin or subscriber login?

    So, this is the progress thus far:

    Reverted back to WP3.9.2 with no success.

    Deactivated and uninstalled CO and Adv Coupons, then reinstalled CO  Email confirmations worked flawlessly.

    I am no guru here, but it appears (based on the log file), that CO is communicating correctly with PayPal.  The log file showed a 200 OK.  I am speculating, based on the log file stating that "Order cannot be read", that the problem lies with CO being unable to locate the order for invoicing to recipients?

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    Thank you for your response.

    I replied to your ticket and will continue to communicate with you there.

    We can post the resolution here once it is resolved in case someone else has the same problem.
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    Unfortunately, after wasting several days trying to pin down the problem, I am out of time for testing and had to go live with the site.

    I had to revert back to WP3.9.2 and CO in order for invoices to be emailed out.  I've also had to deactivate Advanced Coupons due to the fact that it will not work with CO1.6.9.4.  This is a shame since this is a product that requested 1.5 years ago.

    FYI, I verified all of my PayPal settings and they are correct.  The log file states that the communication between my site and PayPal are fine in both directions.  The log file then states that the "Order cannot be read". I can manually view, save, and send invoices without any problems.  If you cannot find a resolution by November, I'll be happy to help.

    Good luck.

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