[Solved] Free coupon?

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For admin testing purposes, I'm trying to set up a 100% discount coupon so that our team can place orders, follow the order process (emails, and all) but not have to pay for anything.

I've successfully created the coupon, and when applied to the cart it *does* reduce the total due to $0... but the checkout billing stage still appears, and is still asking for credit card information.

Am I not understanding how Checkout discount coupons should work?  I was expecting the team to not have to enter financial info at all for testing... just apply the coupon and check out.... 

Does that sound right, or am I doing something wrong?


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    And...  never mind - I just did more digging and realized the nicely-updated Checkout has some improved control over discount coupon handling, and I wasn't sufficiently reading the docs.

    Activating the "custom manual payment" method, and setting it to only appear for 0$ orders, and for being the default payment method for 0$ orders did the trick, no problem

    There you go... more of that "read the manual!" advice, right?

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    Thank you for your posts.

    Great, I'm glad that you found a solution to this.

    For more control over coupons, you can check out our Advanced Coupons extension plugin as well: http://tribulant.com/extensions/view/39/advanced-coupons
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