[Solved] Ordering slides within a post


I'm using the code [tribulant_slideshow post_id=xx] and uploading the media from within the post.  Can you give me some specific details for how to order the slides, as I can't seem to change the order.

Is it to do with how they are named?  Should they be alphabetical in terms of how I want them ordered?

Or is it something else?  I've tried uploading them in a specific order but that doesn't seem to have an effect either.

I'd be grateful for some pointers.




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    Hi Tonya

    You can order the slides in a post by clicking the add media button in the specific post. Sort the images by clicking uploaded to this post in the media and then drag and drop the images in the order your need it to appear. 
    Here's a screenshot of the drag and drop process in "insert media" http://www.screencast.com/t/jo0ICvyD9

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    Did you manage with this?

    To order the slides, you just open the media uploader by clicking "Add Media" then you can drag and drop the images in the grid in the order that you want the slides in the slideshow to be.

    So the slideshow uses the same order as the gallery itself.
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