Show only the title on posts slideshow


Congrats with this awesome plugin! super work

I was wondering if it is possible to display only the titles of the posts at the slideshow with the image attached. i mean i would like to exclude from the slideshow the info-text from the posts.

Thanks in advance


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    Thank you for your post and for the compliment as well.

    What shortcode or code are you using? Is it the featured posts feature?

    I look forward to your response.
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    Thanks you for quick response.

    Yes I use featured posts shortcode. Exactly:

     [tribulant_slideshow featured="true" featurednumber="6" featuredtype="post"]

    Any advise?
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    Thank you for your response.

    There currently isn't any setting to hide the post content/excerpt. It shows the title as the heading and then the excerpt of the post content below that as the slide description.

    I'm adding this to our development list so that we can develop a setting and shortcode parameter/attribute for it so that you can have more control over this.
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