[Solved] Want to return to 'shopurl' from cart summary

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Checkout is a great plugin.
Once an item has been added to the cart, the order summary appears. Two buttons are the bottom of the summary. 'Continue Shopping' and 'View Shopping Cart'.
The 'Continue Shopping' link goes nowhere. Looking at the code in views/default/cart_summary.php, line 95 we have
<pre lang="php">
<?php echo $wpcoHtml -> link(__('Continue Shopping', $this -> plugin_name), '', array('onclick' => "jQuery.colorbox.close(); return false;", 'class' => $this -> pre . "button")); ?>
How do I change this so the 'continue shopping' button takes me to the 'shopurl' setting, i.e. the main shop page?


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    I've figured it out.

    I've replaced line 95 in cart_summary.php with:
    <pre lang="php">
    <?php echo $wpcoHtml -> link(__('Continue Shopping &raquo;', $this -> plugin_name), $wpcoHtml -> shop_url(), array('class' => $this -> pre . "button")); ?>

    It now takes me back to the shop front.
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    Thank you for your post and follow-up.

    The "Continue Shopping" link in the cart summary popup just closes the popup actually, it doesn't go anywhere.

    If your change to cart-summary.php is fine and that is what you want then it's good and you can put that into a child theme folder to prevent it from being overwritten when you update the plugin. See instructions here: http://docs.tribulant.com/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin/7186
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