[Solved] Deleting last single item from shopping cart messes up redirect page (shopurl)

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I'm using WP 4.0 and Checkout Plugin

This is the scenerio. I have one item in the shopping cart and I want to delete it.

Viewing from the shopping cart page, if I change the number of items from 1 to 0, it asks me to confirm action. The item is deleted and I am redirected to the 'shopurl' - the shop page. Great, this mechanism works fine!

However, instead of changing the number of items, if I click on the delete X mark next to my single item, it asks me to confirm. The item is deleted, but I am presented with the cart page, and embedded where the post/page content should go is the whole shopurl page (top banner, navigation, et al) - it looks a mess. Refresh the browser page (Firefox 32.0.3) and the shopurl page is displayed as expected again, but I can't expect customers to know this.

Can this little bug be corrected please, or is there something in the configuration I've missed.

Many thanks for any assistance.


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    Thank you for your post.

    And thank you for reporting this problem.
    I've added it to our development list as a bug so that we can test and fix the issue.
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    This issue with deleting a product/item from the shopping cart with the Ajax turned on has been fully resolved. We released an update with a fix for this issue of the page generating inside the page in WordPress.

    Please feel free to post back if you need further assistance with it.

    I'm marking this as [Solved]

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