[SOLVED] Shopping Cart thumbnail dimensions

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How do I go about changing the product image thumbnail dimensions?
The default is 50x50.
I'd like to be able to change it to be 50x90.
The shop I'm building is for selling personalised clothing and at the moment the model's head keeps being cropped off.


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    I've edited the database and changed the variable for wpcosmallh to 90.
    This has sorted out the image issue as viewed in the cart page.
    I cannot see how this variable is set or altered from the back office.
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    You can change the thumbnail dimensions under Checkout>Configuration- Products & Images tab.

    For thumbnails on product page you can set thumbnail dimensions under Product Page settings- thumbnail dimensions and for Products loop thumbnails you set it under Products loop/paging setting- thumbnail dimensions.

    Please let me know if this helps. I remain at your disposal should you have any further questions.

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    Thanks for your input, Marietha.
    I've had a 'play' with these settings.
    I didn't make it clear in my original post - the image that is getting top and bottom cropped is the product image that is shown in the 'view cart' page, not the actual image shown on the product page. Sorry for confusion.
    I use 'Full Images' setting for 'Image Display' under 'Product Page Settings', and if this is set you have no option to set under the 'Products Loop/Paging' section - but this is OK. It's the image in the shopping cart that's not right and changing the wpcosmallh variable resolves this.
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    The shopping cart page images uses the "Extra Images" setting in the Shopping Cart plugin under Checkout > Configuration > Products & Images > Product Page Settings > Extra Images: http://goo.gl/jP5Uj5

    Let me know if this helps and if that setting gives you the desired result.
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    This variable setting is only available if the 'image display' is set to 'thumbnail images'. I've got it set to 'full images'. If I set the 'image display' option to 'thumbnail' I have cropped images in the product list page (not the single product page - image fine here).

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