cannot add a product to a cart

I have a product that I've been testing. I have tested it with 3 variations with success.  I have tested it with 20 fields with varying amounts of options with success. But when I combine 3 variations with 15 fields, Checkout will not add the product to my cart.  I started cutting down on the number of fields (11 w/3 variations) and it started working again.

Is there some sort of dim size limitation to the arrays that store the variation and field options? Or is there a limitation to something in the shopping cart?

Is there a solution for this problem?


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    After hours of testing I have solved the problem but I need to know why this is happening?

    I was using a combination of variations and fields.

    One of the fields was named DOB (date of birth).  No matter what data I entered into the text field, the product would not add to the cart.  I have used this field name in the past with no problems.  Since the last successful time of using DOB, I have updated WP, Shopping Cart, and Adv Coupons.

    Could this be a corrupt data field of is DOB a reserved name or could it be something else?
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    It is most likely a WordPress database error on that custom field.
    Can you go to Checkout > Configuration and click "Check/optimize database tables"

    If it persists, the only way of confirming the problem would be to turn on debugging under Checkout > Configuration.

    Can you submit a ticket to us with WordPress login details to test it out?

    I look forward to your response.
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