[SOLVED] After restoring options, all subscriber associations are gone.

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Wow did I make a mistake! I was cleaning up clutter from a client's system and inadvertantly removed options for the Newsletter plugin. The tables remained in place but all records in table `wp_options` were deleted. Within minutes I realized my error and restored the contents of wp_options by deleting all rows in the table and recreating them from a backup taken just minutes before the mistake occurred. Everything LOOKED ok so I went on my merry way.

My client just called to inform me that all the associates between subscribers and mailing lists are gone.

On the dashboard subscriber page, the column labeled Mailing Lists(s) shows "none" for all 1500+ subscribers. If you edit a subscriber and selete a mailing list, the save doesn't register. That is, there is still "none" listed for the Mailing List(s).

I have successfully created new subscribers and new lists. Everythings works except for association between subscribers and lists. I have not tested the creation of a newsletter so there may be other problems as yet unknown.

My client's configuration is quite simple. There is one main list that includes all 1500+ subscribers. There are additional lists for testing and for new subscribers but, generally speaking, one list has 1500+ subscribers and ALL other lists have 0 subscribers. I hope there is an easy fix in MySql but I can't figure out what I did wrong.

Wordpress 3.4.1
Newsletter: 3.9.4

Thanks for helpful suggestions.


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    Hi Mark,

    Since this issue was resolved via support ticket, would you mind briefly describing how it was resolved and marking the topic subject as [SOLVED] for the good of the community?

    When you have a moment :-)

    Best regards,

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    Based on the ticket it seems like the database was recreated and the exported subscribers were reimported into the WordPress Newsletter plugin and solved the problem.

    All the best,
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