[Solved] Advanced Coupons not forwarding discount to Paypal

Shopping Cart + Advanced Coupons 1.3

Coupon applies fine to shopping cart. However, during checkout, when I am transferring to Paypal, the discount vanishes and the normal price returns.

Example: Anvil cost $25. Coupon=100% Discount.  During checkout, price drops to $25 to $0.  When I finalize to and am transferred to PayPal, the anvil price of $25 returns.  It does not matter if I other products in the shopping cart.


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    Thank you for your post.

    I believe that we discussed this issue in your ticket and found a solution.

    When you apply a 100% discount on an order and send a customer to PayPal, PayPal will not accept the zero (0.00) amount on the order and as a result, it will void the discount completely, as if it was not passed through. Try making the discount one cent (0.01) less or 99% for example and then you'll see that it works.

    There is also the manual/custom payment method in the Shopping Cart plugin which you can configure under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods to handle zero priced orders for you. As a result, if an order is zero (0.00), the customer won't go to PayPal but will rather checkout immediately using the manual/custom payment method.

    Let me know if this helps and if you need further assistance with it.

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