[Solved] Stripe Extension Issue

The cart has been working fine for sometime now using Linkpoint API. I wanted to switch to stripe for handling payment. I purchased the Stripe extension and installed it, configured the live API codes, and selected this as payment method and saved everything. So far so good.

On check out, customer enters billing/shipping information - name, address, city, state, zip, email, phone.

then continues to credit card page and enters card number, CSV, expiration mm/yyyy - and everytime regardless of card type, gets error - "Must provide source or customer." and can go no further.

PLEASE ADVISE how to correct this issue!


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    Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in reply to you.

    I tested on your site and saw that the Stripe error message in our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin was: "Must provide source or customer."

    I noticed that there was a Javascript syntax error due to the WordPress theme inserting paragraph/breakline tags inside the page and needed RAW support turned on. So I turned on RAW support under Checkout > Configuration > General > Posts/Pages and Categories Settings which solved the problem.

    The Stripe integration works great now and I just submitted a test order as well.

    I'll mark this as solved if it's okay. Please feel free to post back if you experience any other issues though.

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    Waiting on response from you via ticket #435536. Payment has been made for the extra support. It has been a week now. Please update the ticket and advise.

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    Sorry for the delay, we'll post a reply there asap.

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    I believe that the Stripe issues in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin are fully resolved.

    I'll post here for reference to other users who may face the same issues. The solutions on different sites included:

    • Turning on RAW support under Checkout > Configuration > General > Posts/Pages and Categories Settings since the theme required that to prevent the creation of paragraph tags in the shortcode content.

    • Fixing non-SSL (http://) resources loading on an SSL (https://) protocol which blocked certain scripts in browsers, causing Javascript errors and as a result also the Stripe Javascript SDK.

    • Filling in the correct Stripe credentials (publishable key and secret key) and make sure that they are correct, without any spaces at the beginning or end in the plugin's settings.

    Thank you for your patience and I'm happy that this is resolved.

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