[Solved] Newsletter Plugin Conflict

I have been running my site with your Checkout plugin with no issues. I
just bought your Newsletter plugin and installed. It appears to conflict
with checkout in that on the purchase page, any cart variations no
longer show up in the pull down options menus or they are displaced on
the web page and all displayed across other text. I deactivate
Newsletter plugin and back to normal - so this is definitely the
culprit. Bottom line, can not use the plugin I just bought!

On wordpress 4.2.1 and all plugins up to date. Theme is Jam Session.


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    Thank you for your post and for pointing out this conflict.

    It seems like there is a conflict between the Shopping Cart plugin and Newsletter plugin with it's Select2 drop down script. We are working on resolving the problem and an update will be released for the Shopping Cart plugin accordingly.

    What you can do in the meanwhile is to go to Newsletters > Configuration > General > Theme, Scripts & Custom CSS in the WordPress Newsletter plugin and tick all scripts except for "Select2 Drop Down" and then save the settings. Like this: http://goo.gl/4RI22G

    The Newsletter plugin will then inherit the Select2 drop down script from the Shopping Cart plugin and on the "Manage Subscriptions" page, all scripts are always loaded by default so on that page it'll use it's own.

    Please let me know if this workaround works fine for you in the meanwhile as we update the Shopping Cart plugin.
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    Did disabling the Select2 script in the Newsletter plugin work and solve this issue?

    I'm not sure but I think I spoke to you in our help desk and that you said it was resolved, please confirm.

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