Dynamic subject lines for recurring newsletters

Dynamic Subject lines

I discovered that by placing [post_title] in my subject line, I could dynamically generate a subject line for my recurring newsletter that contains multiple posts. Since the short code wasn't designed for that purpose, it didn't function ideally; it grabbed the title of the very last post in the e-mail as the subject line. But our open rate increased significantly by having the dynamic title. Can you add a shortcode to the system that will grab the title of the first post in a newsletter. It would make a big difference.


It would be extremely helpful if you could add this to the system. This would give users greater flexibility in the layout of their templates. Thumbnails and excerpts are great for the main newsletter items but it is also useful to be able to include just a list of titles in the same email for displaying a short list of minor articles, for example, or even a list of upcoming events.


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    Thank you for your post and suggestions, we appreciate it.

    Sure, I'm adding this to our development list so that we can provide a shortcode which will display the title of the first post in a newsletter using the [newsletters_posts...] shortcode and if it is available.

    I'll reply back here once it is available.

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