[Solved] Add search bar to top of main forum topics pages

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Hi Guys, I think you should add the search bar to the top of the main forum page(s) where current topics are listed, like how it's at the top of the "Start a New Discussion" page.

Since we can post specifically to a category, it would also be good if we could restrict or expand search to the relevant category/plugin we are looking for ether by picking tags or from a drop down menu.

Currently the search by default brings up links for many other irrelevant threads.

Good work on updating the site overall. :)



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    Yes, I did know the search bar was on the right side on the main forum pages. I just think the forum experience would be more intuitive if the search bar were right at the top (like it is on the page where you write a new post from). Or maybe even a wider search bar over the topic listings themselves on the left side on the main pages.

    So you'd be indirectly saying search and see if there's an answer first and if not then post...

    Also don't remember if it's stated in your policy but do you give priority to tickets vs. the forum. I'm a paid subscriber but the advantage with the forum of course being that everyone can benefit from the knowledge, since you now also have the Lite version of plugin for free in WordPress repo.

    Looking forward to the improvements.


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    Thank you for your post and thank you for your suggestions.

    We will keep this in mind, most definitely, thank you.

    We'll add a category drop down to the search if possible to narrow down results.

    There is a search bar/box in the right-hand sidebar though.

    And there is also a search icon in the top, right-hand side of the header, next to the menu.

    Thank you for the compliment, I'm glad to hear that you like the new site.

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    Agreed, thank you for the input, that's great.

    We'll push an update to the site in the near future with this included.

    Phew... we've worked hard on this new site redesign so far. Enjoy it!

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