Product Description text currently not "responsive."

I'm having a bit of trouble with the Shopping Cart plugin. The Product description text is not resizing responsively on mobile devices. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



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    Thank you for your post and for reporting this issue.

    The product description holder is actually set to a pixel width under Checkout > Configuration > Products & Images > Product Page Settings in the Shopping Cart plugin so that's the cause of this bug.

    I'm adding it to our development list so that we can add a media query to override this at the correct device widths and make it responsive. I'm adding your discussion to the task so that I can post back here once it is fixed.

    Thanks again and feel free to post back if there is anything else in the meanwhile.

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    Have you tried the new Bootstrap based theme folder included with our Shopping Cart plugin? It has a new layout which is fully responsive (including the product description).

    That will solve the problem if you turn it on.

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