[Solved] Newsletters not sending

We are using the internal Wordpress wp_mail() 

It says that our newsletter is sent. But we don't receive it. If i try to test send it it's just the same. It says ok but it we didnt receive it.

What can we do?


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    Thank you for your post.

    If the plugin says that the email was sent, it is under the impression that it was. The phpMailer class gets a response from the mail server which says that either it was sent or not and based on that, the plugin responds.

    So best would be to go to Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings and use the "Test Email Settings" utility to test out the email settings and see if they arrive.

    If they don't, try the following things:

    • Make sure the "From Address" is on the same @domain that the WordPress installation is on.

    • Set the "Bounce Receival Email" to be the same as the "From Address". Some email servers require this. When you edit the "From Address", you'll see a checkbox appear to make it the same. Like this: https://goo.gl/OKFrc3

    • Find out from your hosting provider if SMTP authentication is required to send emails?

    • Maybe there are restrictions or a sending limit?

    • Last but not least, check your junk/spam folder for th email and/or try sending to a different address?

    I look forward to your response once you've tried these things out.

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    Did you try out my suggestions and did you manage with it?

    I look forward to your response.

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    I'll assume this is resolved since I haven't heard back from you yet.

    The suggestions I made is guidance towards resolving the issue with emails not delivering. So basically, either the email server has certain requirements or the emails are being blocked on the client side or falling into spam/junk.

    Feel free to reply if you need to.

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