[Solved] Subscriber links now file:///C:/?wpmlmethod=

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Hey Guys,

Suddenly the confirm and manage links that are in the double option "confirm subscription" email begin with file:///C:/?wpmlmethod=

All the links & redirects in the configuration area begin with http://

Any ideas how I can fix this ?




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    Further info.  I sent a test email that included the predefined variable shortcodes.  Most appeared to work.

    [wpmlsiteurl] gives the correct URL

    [wpmlunsubscribe] results in a URL begining with  file:///C:

    [wpmlactivate] resulted in nothing.

    I also tried disabling other plugins and ensured that caching was disabled. 



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    This behaviour is caused if the Management Post ID is wrong. 

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    Thank you for your message and follow-up.

    I'm glad to hear that you found the issue that was causing the broken links.

    Yes, if the Manage Subscriptions post/page doesn't have the correct ID, the plugin cannot generate a permalink for certain links in the newsletter and as a result may cause links like you've experienced.

    Marking this as solved.

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