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This is a request for basic information. I am a new user and am stumbling at the first block. If someone can explaine to me how to create and save slides and galleries I would be grateful. 

Many thanks.


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    It's adding the slides to the gallery that I'm having a problem with.

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    Slides and galleries are managed in the "Slideshow" menu after installing and activating the WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin.

    You can go to Slideshow > Manage Galleries to create galleries as needed. Then go to Slideshow > Manage Slides to upload/create a single slide at a time or multiple slides as needed.

    From there, you can insert all slides or slides from a gallery into a post/page using a shortcode. There is a slideshow button/icon in the TinyMCE editor while editing a WordPress post/page to insert a slideshow gallery.

    Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions?

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