Multiple Shipping Addresses?

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I am looking to be able to let the customer send gifts to multiple addresses and send a personal note with each item. Is there a way to attach a note field and address field to each item,if necessary?


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    Thank you for your post.

    The Shopping Cart plugin doesn't specifically have a multiple shipping addresses feature. You can however achieve this with the custom fields under Checkout > Custom Fields in the plugin.

    You can configure custom fields for certain products or globally to display during checkout in order for your customers to fill in certain values as needed, such as additional shipping addresses.

    Let me know once you've tried this and how it works for you. We are open to suggestions so that we can improve this if needed.

    I look forward to your response!

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    Thank you. I went to custom fields and it says no custom fields are available, but I cannot see how to create any.

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