[Solved] Custom template not scrolling

edited May 2015 in Newsletter plugin

When trying to create a custom template--even starting with a duplicate of an existing one--the email does not scroll in a browser. You only see the part that fills the screen, There is no scroll bar to continue down.

I tested this with Blue Retro. Made a duplicate. Tried it with an existing email draft; it worked as expected; scrollbar exists.

I made a small change to the template in the template editor--changed the color of one element. Saved the template, then tried again with the same email draft, and it was not scrollable in a browser, the scrollbar disappeared.

I can't see that I have done anything to cause this. Any ideas?



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    Thank you for your post.

    In which email/webmail client are you reading the email?

    Unfortunately there is a bug in the CKEditor when you save a template under Newsletters > Templates in the Newsletter plugin which creates an overflow-y:hidden; on the BODY tag.

    We are fixing it right now and will release an update to the issue asap.

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    I'm using the Permalink for the email Draft to view the email in a browser. I tried in both Chrome and Firefox. Neither one shows a scrollbar.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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    Quick followup to add a little more info. Just tried a full test, sending out an email using the customized template. Reading it in Gmail was ok, it scrolled. However, Thunderbird does not scroll. The bottom of the email is not visible.

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    I hope you are doing well.

    We have fixed this overflow-y:hidden; issue caused in the newsletter templates while using CKEditor to edit a template.

    It was caused by the Autogrow CKEditor addon. We have removed the loading of this CKEditor plugin/addon in the Newsletter plugin for now and notified the developer of the issue: http://ckeditor.com/addon/autogrow#comment-137049

    We will release an update shortly with this fix included.

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