[Solved] Lost subscription functions

Hi, things were going swimmingly, and I updated to WP 4.2.2, and Suffusion Theme 4.4.7.

To be thorough, I bought two years of support with Newsletter Plugin, and upgraded the plugin to 4.5.3.

After upgrading the plugin, the home page widget for subscription and shortcodes no longer create subscription forms.  If I add the widget, the button is missing (and other widgets disappear from the sidebar that the newsletter widget is NOT in, oddly), and when I add the shortcode or use the envelope icon in the toolbar, I can see the shortcode appear in the editor, but it doesn't render when I view the page. (The site is COASN.org)

I'm not very experienced as a webmaster, so hopefully I'm missing something obvious.  In case that's not the case, can you tell me which version of Tribulant Newsletter Plugin I had previously bought in May 2013 so I can uninstall the new version and reinstall the old one?  I don't recall the old version number.

Thanks kindly!



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    Thank you for your post and sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. Rest assured, I'll help you to resolve this.

    Can you please go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard and ensure that the widget is there, added to the sidebar? I'm not sure which version you upgraded from but at some stage, we released an update with the new WordPress Widget API for the Newsletter plugin.

    May I have a link to the home page where the widget is to see what is wrong with it?

    I look forward to your response.

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    Hi, it's at www.COASN.org.

    I've replaced the nonfucntioning widget.  I had removed it because placing it makes all the other "stock" widgets disappear.

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    I turned off the AJax, Captcha, and Scroll to Form functions, although all three were working previous to the upgrade.

    Thanks for the help!

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    It occurs to me to list the other plugins active, in case there is a known issue:

    Enhanced Text Widget by Boston Dell-Vanberg (add links to widgets on 

    Posts in Page by Ivycat Web Services

    Simple Events Calendar by Jerry Rietveld

    I deactivated them, but it didn't fix the issue.



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    Thank you for your responses.

    I assume there is a Javascript conflict causing this.

    Can you please submit a ticket with WordPress login details to us to investigate and fix this for you? http://tribulant.com/support/

    We look forward to your response.

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    Hi, I started the ticket some weeks ago.  Any news?

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    I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    We see that you created a ticket and replied to that.

    By turning on debugging under Newsletters > Configuration on the right-hand side in the Newsletter plugin, the error appeared where the subscribe form is supposed to be. It is a fatal error due to PHP memory_limit so increasing that solves the problem.

    The plugin doesn't consume much memory for the subscribe form so I assume that maybe the default value for the PHP setup is just very low and needs to be increased. Some PHP setups still have a default 8M memory_limit configured on them and should be bumped up to 64M or even higher if possible.

    Let me know if you manage with it, please.

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    [solved]  Thanks, that did it--increased the memory allocation.  I appreciate the help!

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    Thank you for posting back and I'm glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

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