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Is it somehow possible to keep the css I've embedded in a newsletter - also in the post version of the same newsletter?

Before sending out a newsletter I click Save as post, but:

Many things look different in the post. Images remain full-size (598 px, which look bad on small screens), text come in wrong fonts, hr tags are displayed in full length though defined as 60 % etc.

Any way to fix this?

I thought of using a dedicated template and adjust it's css, but there are no selector in my theme. (And the only template related option in the newsletter post is for sending the post as newsletter...) Would it be a way (the only way?) to put all the "newsletter post" contents inside a newsletter <div> and define a max-width for the images there?



URL for our latest newsletters, with most images in width="598":


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    Thank you for your post.

    When you publish a post/page from a newsletter, the newsletter template is not used at all. Only the content of the newsletter is used to create the post/page with.

    So if you want to include the CSS, best is to edit your WordPress theme and include the CSS into your WordPress theme's HEAD or import a stylesheet accordingly.

    Let me know if this helps and if you need further assistance with it.

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