Subscribe when commenting - link to comment spam filter?

edited January 2013 in Newsletter plugin

I really like the ability of the newsletter plugin to put a box on the comment form which enables the commenter to subscribe automatically to emailed blog posts.

Like everyone else, I get a lot of comment spam, which Akismet (or other comment spam plugins) filter out, mainly successfully.

If the newsletter subscription box is ticked by default, then all those spam comments have their fake email address added to my subscriber list and the subscription confirmation email is sent to their email address.

Is there a way to set up the newsletter plugin so that the subscription only goes through if the comment is published (ie if the comment is marked as spam, it also doesn't get added to the newsletter subscription)?



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    Hi Owen,

    Thanks for your post, and for the heads up on this.

    We have placed it on our development list to investigate and add into the plugin

    In the meantime, perhaps you could add the use of the reCaptcha plugin to help curb SPAM?

    Thanks again, and best of success to you!

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