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Help me get this right please.

I have a Mailing list with multiple languages Descriptions for each supported languages.

I have subscriber in multiple languages.  I create a newsletter/email in each language.  I would need a segment for each subscriber specifyng to which language the subscriber belong in order to send this to the proper segment right?

Now on the autoresponder side, It is not possible to have autoresponder directed to a specific language... This means that I need to create multiple mailing lists for each languages.

Do I get this right?


Thanks for your help all!


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    Hello @Spriter,

    That`s correct, the best way to segment your Newsletters would be by having a different mailing list for each one of your languages. You can also display a different subscription form based on your website current language (there is a built-in feature for that if you are using widgets).

    We are currently working to improve the plugin integration with third party translation plugins.

    All the best!

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    How do you currently determine the language of your subscribers?

    Do you have a custom field for this, or?

    In general, we recommend using a different mailing list for each language.

    I look forward to your response with more details on your setup so that we can add this to the development list of the Newsletter plugin and make it easier to manage.

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    This is something we would find useful as well - we're now running one heavily multilingual web site with one or two more to come. It would be great if there was a way to offer different translated content within the same newsletter for different language segments. (We already have way too many mailing lists to cope with all the different but specific audiences we need to address). Something along the lines of WPML, or working in conjunction with that, would be good.

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