Setting up Newsletter Plugin - Have Some Questions

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I just bought 4 of your plugins yesterday, the Newsletter Plugin and 3 others (Embedded Images, Total MS Control, and WP eMember Subscribers).

I am going through the settings now and think I have the settings done correctly.

I have it connected to Mandrill on the main site of my network because they offer 12,000 emails a month FREE.  Well they did.

I just noticed yesterday that they changed their pricing and now the FREE option is no longer available and they have a starter plan of $9.95/m for 25K emails/month.

I sent in a few support tickets on this, but want to go into more detail on what I'm trying to do, if you don't mind.

1) I'm running a fresh multisite installation.  I have the MU Control Plugin Network Activated and the Newsletter Plugin just activated on the main site.  I plan to activate and configure the Newsletter Plugin on only a few subsites.

I'm stumped on trying to figure out how to send out weekly newsletters with just my current week's posts?  I think I got it setup properly by creating a Newsletter and adding the Multiple Posts shortcode and scheduling it to go out once a week.  I also selected the default mailing list to recieve this weekly newsletter.  The same mailing list new subscribers will subscribe to.  

I'm wondering now what's the different between what I created with the Newsletter and the System Emails - Latest Posts I'm seeing?  Is that just a template for the multi-posts shortcode, the one I put in my newly created Newsletter?, or is that an actual email that gets sent out?    I don't see any send settings on it so maybe that's just setting up the shortcode template??  Not sure.

2) I plan to use Mandrill as my main site sending SMTP, but can my subsites use Amazon SES?  I was going to stick with Mandrill for them but since they changed their pricing and now don't offer a FREE plan, I need to rethink about using Amazon SES.

3) I bought your WP eMember Subscribers plugin.  Do you have a way (plugin) to integrate with their eStore so that I can collect buyer emails?  I don't see a need to always create a membership for every product just so I can collect email addresses.  Most the products I'll be selling are straight digital downloads.  What is the best option for this to get new buyers on my list?  The eStore plugin doesn't support very many autoresponders.

4) How can I test this thing out to make sure it's working properly from start to finish?  I ran a test email and it worked through Mandrill just fine, but how can I make sure buyers are added to my list when they buy something from the eStore plugin?   If there is no integration with the eStore plugin, I'm not sure how to send buyers to my lists.  Any ideas??

5) Conditions - Is there a way to remove a subscriber off of one list once they sign up on another list?  I'm creating weekly email courses and when they sign up to the next part of the training, I would like them to be removed off the first list.

So that's about it for now.  Only a few questions and I'm almost there.

Thanks for your help in advance.


PS:  Some Feedback....I think you need to change the settings on the auto-save feature for this forum when submitting posts and also when submitting support tickets.  I had a hell of a time to create this message just now.  It keeps wanting to send my cursor to the bottom of the page, or makes it move around the page.  Also, had a hard time trying to add any tags to this.  It kept wanting to auto-save and it would mess up what I type in the box.

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